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frump_dolls hates you

do you still love us?

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This is a rating community. Therefore don't apply if you can't deal with criticism. Hopefully you're smart enough to figure out what we want and don't want but if you can't then here's some ground rules:

[1] Don't fuck around with the mods. We won't like it and will kick you out. That's life.
[2] Don't write like tHyS or T#!$. It's stupid and annoying. Seriously.


[1] You will not only be judged on looks so if you aren't that hot then you'd better play up your kick ass personality (guessing you have one). If you don't have either then please, please, don't waste your (or our) time.

[2] Post your application within 48 hours. And put it under an lj-cut. If you don't we will NOT be happy. :D

[3] You are definitely allowed to defend yourself if someone says something about you that you don't agree with. To a point though. If someone says "I don't like you" don't get all bitchy, just deal.

[4] Don't fucking post untill you're accepted! I shouldn't have to say this but I'm sure that there are a few people out there who think it'd be funny to do this. Well, it's not. It'll get you banned. Seriously.

[5] No one under 16 (unless you really kick ass. Then you should privatly ask one of the mods BEFORE posting your application).

[6] Answer "Hell fuckin yeah!" to question #5 on the "Do You" section and put "Fresh Flesh" in the subject line of your app.

If you're accepted:

[1] Be active, if you don't want to vote or update or anything then why take the fucking time to apply??

[2] We like bitches but if you're being a fuck face about something that people can't change about themselves you'll get a slap on the wrist.

[3] If you don't like something (someone) in this community your mods are always open to criticism. Just don't expect anything to happen about it.

[4] You can post promotions for other communities here but only if they are generally interested in the same things as this one and you put it under an LJ cut. Also post why you think people in this community should join the community your promoting and why you like it.

[5]You must give us a 100x100 pic of you to put on the info page! Or one of us will just use one of the pictures you put in your application. :D

don't you love how were both making kissy lips?

Mod gingerxbread likes: her cats, skipping school, thrift stores, painting, mexican food, vegetarianism, stone temple pilots

Mod spikedxpunch likes: sleeping in, going to shows, getting good grades and not doing any of the homework, pop tarts, skulls, your mom.

*Remember to put the application under an lj cut*


copy & paste bitches

copy and paste this code to promote

copy and paste this code to promote