Faye (ps_____ihateyou) wrote in frump_dolls,

fresh flesh.

*1* Name: Faye
*2* Age: Sixteen
*3* Gender: Female
*4* Location: New Jersey
*5* Sexual preference: Females

*1* Music type: Emo, Punk and some Ska
*2* Bands/singers: Mae, The Distillers, The Unseen, Evergreen Terrace, Saosin and Sade
*3* Movies: Drop Dead Gorgeous, Out Cold, Breakfast At Tiffany's, Sixteen Candles and The Goonies
*4* Books: Lovely Bones, Pure and To Kill A Mocking Bird
*5* Food: Sushi
*6* Color: Olive Green
*7* Web site: Livejournal.com. woo.
*8* Drink: Grape soda and pina coladass
*9* Pastime: Haha..oh god. Cheerleading and building tree houses!

<u>Least Favs:</u>
Band/singer: Underoath
Color: Yellow
Movie: Pretty In Pink

<u>Either Or</u>
*1* Black/White: Black
*2* Night/Day: Night
*3* Spicy/Sweet: Spicy
*4* Cold/Hot: Cold

<u>Do you:</u>
*1* Smoke?: Yess
*2* Drink?: Yup
*3* Shop at Hot Topic?: Not on a regular basis, but yes.
*4* Stay up past your bedtime?: Yeah, I'm badass like that.
*5* Want to be accepted?: Hell fuckin yeah!
*6* Like Paris Hilton?: Don't even get me started..People tell me I resemble her and urgh. I want to slit their throats. In a nice way that is.

*1* Something interesting about yourself: I make my own clothing and have a fetish for MAC makeup.
*2* A good reason we should accept you: Because I'm just that cool. And I will be active?
*3* Promote in at least 2 other communities that are SIMILAR to this one and post the links here: http://www.livejournal.com/community/let__us__cry/827.html


*4* Post AT LEAST 3 clear, un-photoshoped pics(in an lj cut):

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